Thursday, February 3, 2011

Left Turns

After working at home for the last two days to extreme weather and a dead battery, my husband and I realized that Jake is going to need extra assistance with his school work.  I am not talking about a tutor (although I am not against one) I am talking instead about a little extra motivation.
Hubby and I decided to take my director at work and Jake's counselors advice and award a 100% paper with 15min of game time.  Not family game time, that of course is, shall I say "free"?  I am talking about the video game time.  Hello motivation.  This is not his first time in 6th grade unfortunately, so he already has this T-shirt.  The boy just needs to have a gentle push in the right direction.  We are encouraged that this will work. I mean Jake wasn't even reading the work, he was just answering the questions with what ever came into his head at the moment.  "Left Turn" for a question regarding genetics.  Yeah, you know those blue eye genes and how they take those "left Turns". 
Gotta love them though.
Today will be his first day at work with me.  Thank God for my work and the direction I am under to be able to stretch so far for my family.  For those of you who are parents out there, you can understand why I feel like I owe them so much.  He will sit in an available cube and will be expected to sit quietly and do his work with out a lot of interuption to me.  Yes, those are my expectaions... I feel he can attain them.  **WINK**
For now,  I feel better getting that out and I look forward to some improvement for all of us.
God bless you all today and thanks for your prayers and stopping in.  I pray that whatever you face today, you reach up to the Lord first who will strengthen you.

Shout Out to Pastor Mike and Mama K in AZ.  Thanks for your prayers we love you guys and miss you terribly.

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  1. I hope you are doing okay. It's been while. Hope to see a post soon! Praying for you and your family! Mollie