Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tucson's Torment

I am DEEPLY saddened at what took place at a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona over the weekend.  As a mom of a young man who may have a chemical disorder in the brain, I am overwhelmed and honestly on the brink of torment by this story.
Each time a gunman walks into a place to begin killing people we try to asses what happened.  What was his home life like?  Who are his parents?  What is in his past?  While these can all be contributors,  I realized last night that all of these other elements can be handled and dealt with if people would just do so, (medical, chemical, Dr. visits, etc.) but the major element in our society today; the one we WONT deal with because it is too politically incorrect, is the God element and His place and role in our lives.
People get angry.  It is a fact of life.  I have learned that anger is a secondary emotion to something else.  Fear, frustration even hunger.  There is something that happens first before anger is brought in.  I have also learned that God really does not have a place in our society.  He just really does not fit in.  We have here a deadly formula as we have all watched on television.  We have angry people walking around this country thinking THEY have the place on the judgement seat and not God.
That is what happened in Tucson over the weekend and in Virginia a few years back.  That is what happened in New York in 2001.  A human being decided they were going to be judge and jury.  God wasn't doing the job, so it has to be done by them.  This 22 year old kid, told God to move out of his way, he had this one covered.  REALLY!!??
Do we really think that we have that right as people?  I am so incredibly sickened at what our country has become.  I do not like a lot of what happens in Washington D.C. but let me tell you something, I am not going to take it upon myself to use deadly force to solve MY issue.  I have been taught the Word of God.  Christ lives in my heart and I have a duty given to me the moment my son was conceived to teach him those same values.  I have a duty to try and show him the compassion and mercy of God.
Last night Jacob and I had time to discuss these things.  He had not been to sleep for 3 days, I am not sure why that is happening but it did.  He was on a very high, high when I got home from work.  Then with one mention of the summer and him possibly not seeing my grandmother, he was in a pit.   Somehow our conversation moved to the Tucson incident and that was when God pricked my heart to remind him of God's job in judgement.
This should not be a second amendment issue.  Guns do not kill people, people kill people.  Short a fire setting off the ammo, a gun is an object that can do nothing unless it is made to.  So is the answer in getting rid of all of the weapons and firearms in America?  Sorry, won't matter.  People who are angry and determined to kill someone IS going to find a way to do it.  The rest of us just will not be able to defend ourselves.
So what do we do?  We have to invite God back into our homes, schools and country for that matter.  I know, it's too much of a sticky topic.  Too many people believe differently, that it is just going to cause more problems.  I know what I can do.  I will pray.  I will pray that God will find a remnant in this country and will once again be welcomed in so the people will see what He wants to do if we would allow him.
I have not really had any comments lately, I suspect that will change after this post, or I will not see you as a follower anymore.  Please remember, if I don't have one follower, that is not the purpose to this blog.  This is about me getting what is inside of me, out.  It is about dealing with I am facing as a mom with what my son is going through and all of those other things that relate.  Just watching the news can set off a whole chain of events that I did not see coming.  I am not intending to start arguments or exchange heated words or ideas.  This is just what is in my heart right now as I sit with my son and look at that young man on the TV.  Tears streaming down my face, I ask God's blessing over Jacob of peace.
I am determined.  I will not see my son's mugshot on that television caught in a despicable situation such as this troubled young man from Arizona.  Jacob is God's first.  I trust that God will direct me and use what Jacob has been through to help people in the future and not hurt them.  I believe God will make Jacob a champion for the underdog just like Jesus.
I am reaching up today for hope.  I am praying for the Congresswoman in the hospital for a full recovery.  I am praying for the little girl's family, I can not imagine their pain.  I am praying for the aide's family, for the Judge's family also.  For the families of the sweet grandma's and grandpa's that were there to pick up some groceries and lost their lives, I lift of prayers of comfort and peace.  This should never have happened and I am deeply saddened that it did.
As always, thank you for your prayers!

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  1. I dont have a tv or phone right now so I have been out of the loop and didnt know what happened this weekend.... dang!!!! So sad!
    I can see (from reading your blog) how this event affected you so hard. I am still here listening and praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over your family.